A Guide to the Movie Prop Auction

The captivating world of movie props auction offers an incredible opportunity to get a taste of cinematic history. From the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz to the gold band from The Lord of the Rings, these mementos are coveted by millions of movie fans who dream of owning them one day. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just dipping your toe into the exciting waters of prop auction, this article will guide you through the thrilling process of bidding on iconic film items.

The props, costumes, and other mementos used in a movie are often used as a means of immersing the audience into the story being told. Props can be as simple as a newspaper or as complicated as a vehicle, but they all serve a purpose to create the desired effect on the viewer. This is why it’s important for collectors and auctioneers to have a thorough understanding of the various types of props that are available and how they are used in different movies.

From the moment the opening credits roll, a film is designed to transport viewers into another world. To do this, a movie must not only include memorable characters and unforgettable lines, but also a fully immersive environment with the right set design. The right sets and props can make or break a movie, which is why many people are captivated by the idea of owning a piece of their favorite films.

With a little research and a lot of money, it’s possible for anyone to own a movie prop. However, the price tag can be astronomical, which is why many potential buyers choose to rent rather than buy. The best way to find a movie prop you can afford is by looking for auctions held by professional prop companies.

If you have the deep pockets to buy a prop from your favorite film, the next time a movieĀ film prop auction is held, don’t hesitate to register for the chance to bid on the item of your dreams. You may find that it’s not as expensive as you thought!

This month, Propstore is holding the largest props and costume auction in Hollywood history. With 1,700 rare and iconic lots up for grabs, it’s sure to be a splurge-worthy event. For example, Captain Picard’s Star Trek command chair is expected to go for $100,000 and Sandy’s drive-in costume from Grease should rake in up to $50,000.

Brandon Alinger is the COO of Propstore, a global company that manages the sale and rental of movie costumes and props. He has been with the company since establishing the U.S. division alongside Stephen Lane in 2007. A long-time collector and aspiring film historian, Brandon founded one of the first online prop research communities back in the 1990s.

Known as a treasure hunter, he is well-known in the collecting community for his ability to locate and recover pieces of film history that were previously believed lost. During his tenure at Propstore, he has worked closely with many of the company’s longest-standing consignors and customers to assist them in locating props for their productions.