Cement Crack Repair Company

Cement crack repair company is a business that can help people fix the unsightly concrete cracks in their home’s foundation, driveway, patio, sidewalk, or garage floor. These companies typically offer a wide range of products to fix many types of cracks, including plastic shrinkage cracks, expansion cracks, and heaving cracks. Using the best concrete crack fillers, these companies can create a long-lasting repair that will make those unsightly cracks almost disappear.

Some cracks in concrete are cosmetic and don’t require immediate attention from a professional; however, they should be evaluated and repaired within a reasonable time frame. It’s important to note that attempting to cover or patch these cracks can mask the severity of the problem and lead to more costly repairs in the future. Attempting to use a concrete crack filler without first having the cracks properly evaluated and professionally fixed can also lead to structural damage.

Ideally, the cracks in a concrete surface should be repaired before water can enter them. If a homeowner wants to do a DIY concrete crack repair, they should make sure that the surface is completely dry before beginning. If the cracks are slightly damp, they should be dried with a blow-dryer before they start to fill with water. Similarly, they should always follow the manufacturer’s directions when mixing and applying the cement crack repair compound. Adding too much or too little water can cause the product to fail or crack later on.

In order to do a permanent concrete crack repair, homeowners may want to try a method known as “dry packing.” This involves placing a low-water content mortar into the cracked area and then tamping or ramming it into place. This helps ensure intimate contact with the existing concrete and produces an excellent quality crack filler. This type of crack repair is also appropriate for repairing narrow slots cut into dormant cracks.

Other forms of permanent concrete crack repair include concrete resurfacers and epoxy injection kits. These kits are primarily used for repairing small cracks and gaps in concrete, but they also work well to patch leaking joints and control joints, and to repair spalling indoor or outdoor concrete. These kits come with a wide variety of filler and epoxy materials that are ideal for repairing all types of cracks, joints, and gaps in concrete, as well as leaking foundation pipe protrusions and leaky wire ties.

If the cracks in a concrete surface are too widespread to be repaired cement crack repair company with these methods, it may be necessary to have them removed and replaced with new concrete. A qualified concrete contractor can grind open hairline cracks, apply a bonding agent, and then pour new concrete over the surface to give it a completely new look. They can even resurface an entire concrete driveway, patio, or sidewalk to make it look brand new.

While a concrete crack repair service is not the most expensive form of maintenance a homeowner can purchase, it is usually an investment that should be made with caution. It’s essential to hire a licensed and insured concrete contractor to ensure that the job is done correctly and safely, especially when dealing with a large surface such as a garage floor or basement slab.