Scrapy – How to Collect Data From Websites

Scrapy montreal

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Collecting Data from Websites: Using Scrapy

To extract the content of web pages, it is important to understand the structure of the page. To do this, look at the HTML tree of the webpage and identify all the blocks, especially announcement blocs and next page links.

The most common thing to look for in the HTML code is a class encapsulating each announcement or news article. Usually, websites use a dedicated div> tag with a specific class to encapsulate each content block, which makes it easier to scrape. For example, the div> tag with the class _8ssblpx will contain all the information about each blog, including its name, description and picture!

Often, websites are created through complex javascript frameworks. This means that the website’s structure can evolve and the corresponding classes will change. Luckily, scrapy montreal will be able to pick up those classes and iterate over them to extract the information. However, sometimes these classes will not be available, and you will have to check the content yourself and manually select a block of text. Then, we will iterate over this block of text to extract all the needed data.