The Gynaecologists at Illawarra Womens

Illawarra Womens Specialist Centre has the expertise of three highly regarded female gynaecologists. Dr Tahrir Basheer has been in practice since 2005 and has been trained both locally and overseas. She has extensive experience in gynaecology and has special expertise in cervical pathology and abnormal pap smears. She also provides private obstetrics for high-risk women.

Dr Simon Winder

Dr Simon Winder, the obstetrician and gynaecologist at Illawarra Womens Specialist Centre, is committed to providing expert care to women. He aims to prevent dangerous gynecological diseases and help women sustain fertility so they can have healthy babies. His practice is located in Wollongong, NSW.

Dr Simon Winder is affiliated with leading specialists in gynecological surgery. If you’re considering surgery, he will personally ensure that you receive the most effective treatment. He also provides compassionate care and is a skilled obstetrician.

Dr Tahrir Basheer

Dr Tahrir Basheer is an ob-gyn specialist with a wealth of experience. She has been practising female health in the Illawarra for almost ten years. Her clinical interests include infertility, pregnancy loss, endometriosis, and chronic pelvic pain. Additionally, she specializes in minimally invasive gynecological surgery.

Dr Basheer is an exceptional female obstetrician and gynaecologist, with extensive training in both Australia and abroad. She is particularly skilled in laparoscopic surgery and offers a friendly, compassionate manner. She listens to her patients’ concerns and is able to explain her options in detail.

Dr David Greening

Dr David Greening is a well-known Obstetrician and Fertility Specialist in the Illawarra. In his 20 years of practice, he has helped thousands of couples achieve pregnancy. He has delivered over 3,500 babies and assisted more than 1,500 IVF pregnancies. He trained at world-leading medical institutions and regularly delivers over 15 babies a month. His special interest in the reproductive health of women includes recurrent IVF failure and the resulting problems.

Dr Greening has a special interest in infertility and is a published author. He is committed to educating both sexes on the topic of infertility and promoting the availability of low-cost fertility care. He has a unique practice model that helps his patients have children at Dr Simon Winder a lower cost. He works out of the Wollongong Private Hospital, Wollongong Day Surgery, and Illawarra Public Hospital.

Wollongong Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

A Wollongong Obstetrician or Gynaecologist can provide a safe and comfortable environment for your pregnancy and delivery. With over twenty years of experience in the field, Dr. David Greening is dedicated to providing high quality care and a positive experience for his patients. He has successfully delivered over 2,500 babies and is passionate about helping women achieve their health goals. He also has a special interest in infertility and surgery. He also strives to provide personalised care to all his patients.

Dr. Simon Winder is an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist in Wollongong, NSW. He practices women-centred obstetrics and offers ultrasound and prenatal diagnosis services. His website contains general information on various health conditions and treatments.