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Tax attorney Sacramento specializes in working with taxpayers who owe back taxes, or individuals who have questions about the Internal Revenue Code. They can be found in most states and provide free legal advice to taxpayers who need advice on their rights and responsibilities regarding the Internal Revenue Code. Tax attorneys represent taxpayers before both state and federal tax authorities. Most have worked with tax units of the IRS as well as state tax revenues.

Tax Attorney Sacramento

An IRS levy can include a tax lien or wage garnishment. A tax lien is a lawful demand that a taxpayer to repay a debt, and in some cases, the IRS will use a tax levy to collect unpaid property taxes, or back taxes owed to the state. Wage garnishment, which is the enforcement of a levy against an individual’s wages, is a common practice for the Internal Revenue Service.

If you find yourself in the position of owing the IRS money, you may wish to seek the assistance of a competent tax specialist. The experienced professionals in this field are available in Sacramento, California. Tax attorneys in Sacramento can assist you in preparing your return, responding to any questions about the process, and negotiating with the IRS. You may also want to retain these attorneys if you suspect you are facing offshore disclosure penalties under the Foreign Investors Tax Act. Offshore disclosure penalties are severe because they can result in double taxation for an individual, making them responsible for payment of the IRS income tax in the country where they live rather than paying the income tax in the country where the assets are located.

International tax law, or the laws governing tax transactions between residents of various countries, is extremely complicated. Not only does it require specialized knowledge about various tax laws in different countries, but it also requires knowledge about international banking, currency exchange rates, and the functioning of international tax authorities. In order to effectively negotiate with the IRS, it is necessary to retain an experienced attorney on retainer. In addition to retaining tax attorneys in Sacramento for on-going legal assistance, it is also helpful to periodically request additional information about international tax laws so that you are aware of new changes that may be affecting your tax liabilities.

Once you have decided that you need the services of a tax attorney, you should determine whether you need a complete resolution or a partial resolution. A complete resolution will usually involve an offer in compromise, a settlement, or a deferred deposit agreement. A partial resolution might not settle your entire debt but will reduce the total amount owed by a specified amount.

Your tax debt lawyer will draft a one-time payment plan that will keep you out of trouble for a long time to come. He will also help you make the best of any leniency that may be granted to you in return for cooperation with you on tax debt settlement. To find a reputable tax attorney, tax lawyer in Sacramento contacts several qualified attorneys and ask them about their fees and services. Then compare the prices, and select the one who charges the least.