GTK Marine Power supplies a wide range of innovative

GTK Marine Power supplies a wide range of innovative, renewable energy solutions for ships and offshore applications. These include energy storage, ship solar power, rigid sails and hybrid marine/offshore battery packs – available in a variety of sizes and capacities.

TFT Display Technology with Optical Bonding

The latest generation of high-resolution, wide-view TFT displays feature optical bonding, which enhances the display performance and visibility in bright sunlight. Typically, the bonding process involves adhering a film or liquid adhesive between the display and a layer of glass, plastic or a touchscreen to improve contrast ratio, brightness, visibility, and touch response.

TFT Display Product Portfolio

GTK offers a range of TFT displays that offer different features and functionality. These products can be configured to meet specific customer requirements and are supplied with a variety of mounting options for indoor and outdoor use.

Displays are available in various sizes and resolutions, with a choice of LED or TFT technologies. Alternatively, the company can provide a complete solution with a custom backlight and flexible printed circuits.

Digital Services: The Standard – The Big

Digitization plays an important role in the operational success of a company like GTK Mintec and helps to improve customer service, enhance project efficiency and safety, increase productivity and quality, and reduce costs. These benefits can be obtained from the deployment of modern automation systems, intelligent information management systems and data analysis tools powered by advanced machine learning approaches.

The new GTK Marine Power is a powerhouse. Not only does it boast a class leading warranty but it also provides the most up to date battery and electrical information available anywhere on board. This isn’t your ordinary marine gizmo as it’s been engineered to the highest quality standards with the utmost attention to detail. We have also got your back when it comes to the aftermarket. There are literally hundreds of products on offer to fit your specific boating needs. Our selection includes a wide variety of accessories, batteries and systems to make your boating experience that much more enjoyable.