Paul Leongas Irish Pub and Restaurant Review

Paul Leongas Irish pub reviews

Paul Leongas is a Dublin based chef who runs his very own restaurant called “The St. James.” It is located on O’CONNE ST., near Holborn. It is named after the popular street in Dublin, where Leongas grew up. The Irish pub reviews of this place are positive. A long bar with warm happy hours serving traditional Irish pub fare late into the evening. You can also experience a authentic Irish wedding there as well.

The food is made from real Irish dishes using fresh ingredients. The presentation is clean and sharp giving a good impression of being Irish. The wine list includes some real Irish brands. Paul Leongas is a master in making clear presentations of these great flavors.

The Irish pub at “The St. James” is one of many restaurants in the city of Dublin offering authentic Irish cuisine. The restaurant offers lunch and dinner menus. The lunch menu has a variety of foods that are popular with the diner base in Ireland such as beef stew, fish and chips, pasta and rice, as well as Irish coffee. The dinners are a bit different as well, starting with a four course meal that is served either by the pool or by the patio.

The Irish coffee at the restaurant is truly unique. The Irish names for the drinks are mocha, cappuccino, and chocolate almond. There is an extensive selection of Irish teas to be selected from. The restaurant also serves a wide range of Irish wines, beers, and liquor. For more information about the restaurant, see the Paul Leongas Irish Pub & Restaurant Reviews.

This is a bar where you can relax and unwind. The interior design is pleasant with neutral colors and simple furnishings. There is live entertainment daily. There is a buffet on Tuesdays, with a selection of lighter foods. Wednesdays have live music.

This restaurant has four floors and is located in the heart of Dublin. It has the most expansive bar that you will find anywhere in Dublin. There are two dining rooms on the upper floor and a large lounge area on the lower floor. The Irish pub and restaurant serves drinks from the world over and serves the best food from all around the world.

The restaurant serves all types of food from the traditional Irish cuisine to some of the world’s best-known Irish dishes. The Paul Leongas Irish Pub and Restaurant is known for its chicken dishes, fish, and beef. The Paul Leongas Irish Pub and Restaurant also serves Irish specialties such as fish and chips, seafood, corned beef, Cornish chicken, and shepherd’s pie. The bar also features international beers on tap. There is a buffet on Tuesdays that serves some of the lighter meals that you would expect from the Irish pub and restaurant.

If you are looking for a great place to enjoy some good food and a few pints of Irish ale, this is it. The staff was friendly and knowledgeable and the service was excellent. The price is reasonable and if you want to make a special occasion into a memorable one, this is the perfect bar and restaurant.