The Canadian National Railway offers train tours of Banff

The Canadian National Railway offers train tours of Banff and the surrounding area. These tours are a great way to get to know the area and get to know the people who live there. There are a number of different train companies that run through Banff, and each one offers something different. The best way to decide which one to go on is to read reviews from fellow travelers and decide for yourself if they are right for you.

Rocky Mountaineer

The Rocky Mountaineer train provides an excellent way to see the sights of Banff and surrounding area. As a part of the trip, you will dine on sumptuous meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Lunch is served either at your table or in the dining car, and you’ll be able to sample dishes from British Columbia and Alberta. There are also wine and charcuterie pairings available to enhance your meal experience.

Canadian Pacific

If you are looking for a Canadian Pacific train tour, there are many options available. The Canadian Pacific Railway’s Rocky Mountaineer runs through the Rocky Mountains. TheĀ Learn more here train travels on the original CP tracks that were laid in 1885. It passes Mount Robson and McBride, two of the highest mountains in the Rockies.

Canadian National

Travelling by train can be a fun way to see this incredible region. While you’re riding along the tracks, you’ll see spectacular landscapes and even cross the Continental Divide. Prices vary depending on the number of days you want to go and the level of service you want.

Canadian National Railway

There are several ways to explore the Banff area by train. You can choose to travel on the Canadian National Railway (CNR) route, which runs along the original 1885 CP tracks. You can also opt to take a bus tour between Jasper and Banff.

First Passage to the West Line

First Passage to the West Line train tours can take you on a journey through the Canadian Rockies. The train crosses over the Canadian Pacific line and is the original route of the Rocky Mountaineer. You can enjoy stunning views of the park and its wildlife. The scenery changes with the seasons, the time of day, and the weather.

Fraser River Canyon

Train tours to Fraser River Canyon offer passengers the chance to experience the natural beauty of this region of British Columbia. The scenic route begins at Lillooet, B.C. and continues through the Canadian Rockies, passing through towns like Quesnel and Prince George. The train will also cross over the famous Stoney Creek Bridge, which is the highest rail bridge in North America.

Lake Louise

Train tours to Lake Louise are an excellent way to see this beautiful Canadian mountain town. Located in Banff National Park, the lake is surrounded by the spectacular Rocky Mountains. To get there, board a Rocky Mountaineer train and travel the 35 miles to Lake Louise.

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