What Does an SEO Expert Do?

The use of an SEO or search engine optimization expert is one of the most effective ways to increase a website’s page rank. A qualified, experienced SEO specialist identifies specific ways to boost your search engine rankings on major search engines; reviews your website; and identifies tactics to increase your page views and ranking on search engines. The solutions an SEO specialist may prescribe range from something fairly easy like fixing your HTML title tags for improving search engine ranks and page visibility, to much more complex tactics such as getting quality external links to increase traffic to your website. Of course, if you’re a small business with just a few pages, you don’t need to pay an SEO specialist to boost your visibility; you can save that money for other necessities. However, if you have a larger business with dozens, even hundreds of pages, hiring an expert is undoubtedly the smartest move you could make for your website.

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The primary reason to employ an SEO or search engines expert is the fact that this person will review your website for usability, quality and relevancy. An SEO or search engine optimization expert uses his or her expertise to identify the problems that users have in using your website, such as broken links, inconsistencies in navigation, content that is outdated and poorly organized. He or she also identifies how users may avoid these problems by fixing these issues. Moreover, an expert will make recommendations about how to optimize your pages for high search engines rankings, such as creating internal links from your pages to directories that are authoritative, participating in online forums and discussion groups, submitting your web pages to directory listings and optimizing images for Google.

An SEO or search engines expert also analyzes your website’s user intent. User intent is the means an individual has used your website to obtain information. If an individual intended to use your website for shopping, for instance, he or she would most likely enter a search query for that topic. A SEO expert can help you analyze your user intent by observing how users are actually navigating your site. This analysis helps the expert pinpoint areas that need improvement.

An SEO specialist is also capable of in-depth marketing analysis. Marketing analysis is defined as the process of studying the characteristics of traffic to a website so that successful marketing can be planned. Experts must know how to study the habits of users to draw relevant conclusions about page placement, title and meta description keywords. These facts are important because they demonstrate where key opportunities can be exploited to increase the profitability of a particular page. In-depth marketing analysis is also important because it provides insight into what type of advertisements will draw in the most traffic, which keywords will be most effective and which form of advertisements will yield the greatest ROI.

Another area in which SEO experts are valuable is page titles. An SEO specialist has the knowledge and skills necessary to optimize titles. The importance of title tags is that search engines regard them as a major indicator of the relevance of a website. Therefore, a good SEO specialist should be capable of creating effective titles.

A good SEO specialist also understands the importance of user experience design in building a company website. User experience is an important factor that cannot be ignored when designing a website. A good specialist should be able to analyze how users interact with a site to discover what is working and what is not. The interaction can be categorized in several ways. An SEO expert should also be able to create a user experience plan based on these findings.